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Naysayers Jot down what you think the word means? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good morning winners and team. Thank you again for joining me here at Rhandel’s 5-minute morning. Yesterday we talked about mentors and how they help improve our lives. Today I am going to share about naysayers. Yes, those people in our lives that we love, but we know are not good for us. These so-called friends may often stroke our egos with kind words like I know you could do this or that but in the very next sentence they are giving you reasons why you could not do it in the past. The enemy, I will call him the devil, has a way of putting people in our lives that make us feel good when we are with them but right after we leave their presents we have this icky feeling deep down in our souls that they are not really for us. These are the people that are jealous of our desire to succeed. You may have said something to them that goes like this. Hi Jim, I wanted to share with you this idea that I had and get your feedback. Of course, you are believing that they are in full support of you allow them to give you their feed back only to realized after you part company that the more you shared with them about your dream the more that they inadvertently shot it down. You end up, (after trusting this person) walking away feeling drained and exhausted and doubting your ability to succeed. These are naysayers. People in life that will come across acting like they believe in you and your cause but ultimately not want you to succeed because they are jealous of your enthusiasm. They want what you have but are unwilling to put the work in to get it therefore they would rather see you fail. They actually get joy from watching you make a mess of things. For some odd reason this strokes their ego. _______________________________________________________________________________ Now jot down people in your past and even present that you believe are those who don’t really support you and your dreams, but now you realize they are not for you, but against you. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you again for joining me here at Rhandel’s 5-minute morning because, “You Are Born A Winner”.

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