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Dec 3, 2019 · 5 min read

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There is a lot to be said about this word. We do it every day without even realizing it. We live in a world that seeks convenience.

We all want things to be easy and have been taught that this is the best and fastest way to succeed. Do you think I am kidding?

What is the first thing that you do when you head off to work in your car? Start it right? Wasn’t that convenient?

What if it doesn’t start right up, then we are inconvenienced. Bummer. Most of us have power windows and door locks, air conditioning, a good heater and not to mention power steering. This leads me back to a story long ago.

The $25 Ford Pickup

Yes, my friends, that is right. I have always had this knack, (call it a gift) to find really good bargains. When I first moved up here in the early 90's I didn’t have much.

Let me just say that to succeed, you don’t have to have much contrary to popular belief. I recall while getting to know this area that I would just get in my car and drive around.

I was in need of a pickup and began to keep my eyes peeled. I began scoping out this old blue Ford truck that was parked beside this house.

I learned to look for the expired tags on the license plate which would indicate that it had not been used for quite some time.

I took upon myself to knock on the door and ask them if they wanted to sell it? Sure enough, they did but said that the rear end differential had gone out.

Being mechanically inclined that I was I asked how much?

They said $25 bucks. I bought it and somehow got it home. I had fixed a differential but knew that I could do it.

After less than a hundred bucks I had myself a good running 6 cylinder 4-speed granny truck. Now, back to my subject so you know that I have not completely gotten off track.


That truck ran great, but the one thing that I remember about it…was that it was not convenient to steer by any means. I had driven huge garbage trucks 4 times the size that was easier to steer.

If fact, that thing was a beast. It was not at all convenient to steer or drive it, but I managed. If you have ever driven a truck without power steering then you know what I am talking about.

Not long ago I was driving our 02 Suburban and realized I had forgotten something at home. I stopped and began to make a very sharp turn putting an extreme amount of pressure on the power steering pump when all of a sudden we heard this clink sound.

Clink, there was no longer any power steering and I could barely turn the wheel to get us back home. If the vehicle wasn’t moving you could not turn it at all.

The steering was now harder to steer than that old Ford pickup without power steering.

We seem to take a lot of things for granted. Life has become so convenient that we never realize how good we have it. This is not to say that it could not be even better.

My Point

Success is closer than you realize. You don’t have to have that 2-hour commute each way just to try to survive. Life is full of choices. You don’t have to have that car with all of those awesome conveniences as bad as you think you have to.

My old Suburban has almost 280,000 miles on it. It has air conditioning, sunroof, power windows, and door locks. A nice stereo and a great heater. Is it new? No. Do

I wish I had something new? Yes. The payment? No. It is paid for and very dependable.


Now that word does not at all spell out convenience. To be disciplined takes work and oftentimes a lot of tenacity. A lot of where with all. The ability to overcome obstacles that have been placed in our path.

No, it is not convenient, but if you are the type of person that can delay your gratification, (wait for the better things in life) and make due and the best of what you have, then later in life you will have the nicer things that only people dream of having.

I am not just talking about material things, but healthy relationships with people you actually enjoy being around. Not just people you have to be around because of the job that you have.

When we choose to live a life of convenience we often sacrifice things like our health both mentally and physically. We go to fast-food restaurants because it is convenient.

Make a car payment on a car that we cannot afford because we are unwilling to go to YouTube (which is convenient) which helps us step by step in fixing something on that car we consider an old clunker.

Did you know that if you had not been watching that commercial on that TV that you bought on credit that you could not afford that you would not have even thought about going out and replacing your nice car that was paid off with that new car that you can now not afford?

Your old 2-year-old car was just fine, but since you allowed yourself to watch that commercial you are now convinced that your car was a clunker and that you needed to replace it.

We are influenced by convenience every day and allow ourselves to be swayed by popular belief. Did anyone out there get sucked into the whole Black Friday scam?

We did. My son bought a terrarium.

We are all guilty of allowing ourselves to be influenced at one time or another.

You reading or listening to me right now is a way for me to influence you, but not in a bad way, but to get you to think in a better way.

My Story

I have just given you a real example of how I am using what I have lived to change the lives of others and to show them that they can use what they have lived to do the same. Unlimited income from your home or anywhere for that matter is closer than you think.

Time to connect at and let me show you how.

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